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A2B-online Brexit information page

Although the EU and London are still negotiating the terms and agreements on trade of goods and services in a post brexit environment, it is still unclear as to what the contents of these agreements will look like, if any, because a hard brexit is still one of the possible scenarios. Regardless of the outcome however, it is clear that from the 1st of January 2021, we have borders between the UK and the EU. And borders mean export documentation and agreements that need to be in place between you as exporter and seller of goods and services or as importer and buyer of goods and services.
In order to facilitate the preparations you need to undertake to enable yourselves to continue exporting to and importing from the UK, A2B-online has created a few files you may find helpful and interesting.

With the links provided on this page we would like to give you an overview of possible scenarios and it's consequences within a post brexit environment which might be relevant for you as an exporting or importing entity as well as for all relevant parties in the transport chain including the buyer of your goods. It goes without saying that your preparation is highly relevant for a seamless continuation of your export and import flows, which is the part we play as your transport company. 

Important statement made by the UK Government on 12 March 2021

Important UK Border Operating Model (11-03-2021)


Procedure for Door to Door loads in a post brexit enviroment.

Procedure for Quay to Quay units in a post brexit evnirement.

Tank met residu en werkwijze

We trust this information will help you preparing for Brexit to the best possible extent. In case of further questions, please do not hesitate to contact our project team for additional informationbrexit@a2b-online.com